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About Ethos Leather
We are the Ethos Leather Family. Located in Seattle, Washington, we are a family comprised of a Sir, two boys, two puppies, a boot black and four extended members. We began doing leather work in 1999 to outfit our own dungeon and our friends in the community.

In 2011 we took our hobby to market as wholesale only and started selling our gear to two local retailers. As demand for our gear rose we decided to expand to a retail online storefront.

Our gear centers around the idea that high quality in design, materials and construction should be available to all players in the community at reasonable prices.

About Our Gear
Our family believes in reducing risk to players wherever possible. As part of that philosophy, we clean and sanitize all gear between uses to protect all players.

After years of heavy use we discovered that the hardware on our personal gear began rusting and corroding from the sanitizers used. We rebuilt thousands of dollars worth of gear and were extremely disappointed that the standard hardware - which almost every gear manufacturer uses - would eventually destroy the gear when used in a safe manner. This meant that to play safe, all gear would effectively need to be replaced every couple years - a daunting thought for any serious player.

The search for better hardware was on and a few months later we found it. Although it costs us about three times more then standard hardware we opted to absorb the expense from our profit to help promote safer play.

Our hardware is of the highest available quality. We use only stainless steel or chrome plated brass hardware which resists the corrosive effects of harsh cleaners and disinfectants. The only exception to this is our locking studs which are only available in high grade chrome plated steel.

Our latigo leather is sourced domestically and is true latigo. Using a technique referred to as "hot stuffing" the tanners penetrate the hide with oils and waxes to produce a latigo leather with outstanding resistance to drying out, cracking and damage from liquids. The end result is a leather that should last a generation or more of heavy use when properly cared for.

If you're new to owning leather gear you should be aware that latigo leather takes time and use to break in. It will be stiff when you receive your new gear but will become softer and supple with use - so you should be encouraged to play as much as possible...

We are constantly designing and developing new products. If you have an idea or see a need for a piece of gear that you have never been able to find, shoot us an email and we may just start producing it.